Earth Apples Seed Potatoes. Assorted varieties. $16.50 per 1 kg (2.2 lb) box plus tax. Choose by Variety.

Cerisa - Baby potato, fingerling type, mid-season maturing. Red skinned, yellow fleshed. Cerisa is a gourmet specialty variety with a slightly firmer cooking texture and excellent delicate nutty flavour. Cerisa produces a very high number of smaller elongated baby potatoes. It grows well in gardens, raised beds and containers alike; Purple Magic - Fingerling type, mid-season maturing, purple. An EarthApples favourite! No garden or dinner plate should go without a colourful splash of Purple Magic! Purple Magic produces high yields of medium sized tubers. It is excellent for oven roasting, frying, baking, and home-made chips!; Alaska Bloom - cream fleshed, mid-season maturing. This large, high yielding variety has beautiful pinkish eyes and an evenly round shape. It has creamy flesh colour and a sweeter taste and is a good low starch option. Alaska Bloom grows very high yields in gardens but also works well in containers and pots.; Red Emmalie - Floury texture, fingerling type, mid-season maturing. Red skinned pink flesh. This variety not only tastes great but its rich flesh colour is high in antioxidants and other nutritious health benefits. It does not require a lot of Nitrogen. To avoid massive plants and small potatoes do not over fertilize or use too much compost.; Snow Finger - fingerling type, white fleshed. Snow Finger is a delicious white-fleshed fingerling variety that produces high numbers of small to medium sized fingerling potatoes. This variety matures early and grows very well in containers – even small containers! The plant of Snow Finger provides beautiful accent greenery on a deck or patio as you wait for these little gems to mature.

Earth Apples Seed Potatoes - 1 kg box

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