Lidia's Polish Large Serving Spoon. 8 inches long. $27.50 plus HST.

Debbie’s Greenhouse is pleased to present Lidia’s Polish Pottery this holiday season. From kitchenware to decorative pieces, each stoneware piece is handmade and hand painted in Ceramic Kalich, a small family-owned business owned by Lidia Giske’s brother in Poland. With a smaller factory the artists really focus on quality over quantity, says Lidia. “If you have not tried Polish Pottery before, I hope that you try out one item and see the quality and beauty for yourself. If you are already a collector, we hope that you enjoy our selection of items and see how they pair and stand out with your existing items.”

Polish Pottery - Large Serving Spoon

  • Curbside pickup only at Debbie's Greenhouse, 14 Mark's Lane, Kenora, ON