Winter Workshops

Book your spot to create your very own Christmas Urn, Hanging Sphere or Sleigh with Debbie’s direction. Debbie’s Greenhouse plans to host small, semi-private workshops limited to eight (8) participants in order to keep everyone safe. Pending arrival of supplies there will be craft nights 6:30-8 pm Monday to Wednesday from mid-November to mid-December. You will also have time to shop in a quiet open space Winter Wonderland. Call 807-548-1325 for information and to secure your spot with a $10 deposit.


Our tentative workshop schedule: 

Christmas urns - Nov. 16, 24 and Dec. 2, 7 and 15

Hanging sphere - Nov. 17, 25, 30 and Dec. 8 and 16

Sleighs - Nov. 18, 23 and Dec. 1, 9 and 14


* All workshops subject to delivery of fresh greens and other materials as well as a minimum number of participants.

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